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Golf Rangefinders with Slope Function Comparison

Change in elevation is perhaps one of the most problematic factors for most golfers who play the game in hilly or elevated terrain. The changing elevation greatly impacts those who enjoy the game on any type of elevated field during the game. Thus, most golfers have to find the slope of the elevated field where they are playing the game to enhance their experience and boost their scores. For this purpose, players need golf rangefinders with slope function, which could help them access the playing conditions easily.


What Is Slope?

Here the question arises: what is the slope which needs to be measured in the first place. Traditionally the slope is defined as the rise over run of any surface. This means that the slope is actually the elevation from any point to the other point, which disturbs the straightness of any terrain. In the golf game, this slope can impact the field as you have to plan your shot as per the slope of any given territory.


Why Does Measuring the Slope Matter in Golf?

But why does measuring the slope with golf rangefinders with slope matter in the golf game? Let’s check the answer from the following paragraphs:

  • Increase your score

Without measuring the slope with the golf rangefinders with slope function, you will never be able to make a perfect shot in any golf game. This will eventually impact your score, as you will hardly pot any ball. The difficulty of the golf game increases with the slope rating. When you do not incorporate the slope factor with other contributing factors like wind speed, your shot is likely to be misdirected hugely. Thus, you need to find out the slope of the playing field beforehand in order to plan the power, angle, and elevation of your shot, which will eventually increase your score.

  • Train your judgment on the trajectory

Once you start practicing the game after measuring the slope with the help of golf rangefinders with slopes, you will be able to make a good judgment about the trajectory of the playing field. With subsequent practices, you will be in a good position to make a better guess of the slope and hence come the good shots. Likewise, once you use this gadget, you will be able to make a good judgment on other fields as well, which will improve your golf score. Thus, in any professional competition, you will not need the golf rangefinders with slopes as you will have extremely good judgment power by the time you go into the competition.

golf course

How Does a Golf Rangefinder Measure the Slope?

With the help of powerful golf rangefinders, you can easily find the distance of your target with a simple pressing of a button. Once the laser beam leaves the rangefinder, it will collide with the target and return back, which will give you the distance between you and the target. Similarly, golf rangefinders with slopes also measure the return angle of the light, which will give you the value of the slope. So, you can swing the club accordingly.


Mileseey PF260 and PF21: Which Should I Choose?

Mileseey brings you two top-notch golf rangefinders with slope functions that you can use in your golf game. PF260 is rechargeable and provide you with extremely accurate readings.

Although PF260 can turn off-slope function, PF210 has no such facility. So, both of these gadgets can be used as per the requirements of the golfer – As slope measurement devices are not allowed in professional competitions, you can use PF260 for professional matches by turning off its slope function.

golf rangefinder with slope



On the other hand, you can use PF210 during your practice games and normal games to get expertise for your matches. As PF210 has no slope turn-off feature, you will not be allowed this device in the professional game, but enhancing your judgment in practice is made easy with this gadget.

golf rangefinder with slope



Wrapping Up

Golf rangefinders with slope functions are much-needed gadgets for any golfer who wants to excel in the game. Mileseey rangefinders are the industry leaders in this regard, which are highly efficient in measuring the desired values. By investing in the best golf rangefinder with slope, you can easily master the game of golf no matter what the slope of any field is. We provide not only golf rangefinders with slopes but also every other type of precision measurement device that someone would ever need. Ranging from distance measurement devices to night vision monocular or binocular, we have got them all.