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Is A Golf Rangefinder With A Slope Worth It?

Is slope on a rangefinder necessary for Golf?

While not necessary for golf, the slope feature on a golf rangefinder can greatly benefit players who strive for precise distance measurements to their intended target.

A typical rangefinder provides a distance reading based on the assumption that the ground is level, which is often not the case on golf courses. As the terrain can have varying degrees of slope, it can significantly impact the actual distance that the ball must travel to reach the desired target.

Therefore, golf rangefinders with slope can serve as a valuable tool for golfers who aim to enhance their accuracy and make more strategic decisions while playing. golf slope distance adjustment


What is slope function on a golf rangefinder?

The slope function on a golf rangefinder is a feature that provides golfers with an accurate distance measurement that takes into account the slope or angle of the terrain between the golfer and the target. This feature calculates the incline or decline between the golfer's position and the target and adjusts the distance measurement accordingly.

Without the slope function, the rangefinder would only measure the straight-line distance between the golfer and the target, which could lead to incorrect club selection and ultimately affect the golfer's score.

Consider a scenario where the flag is positioned on an upward slope in relation to your position. In such a situation, you would need to hit the ball with more force than usual, as the incline would cause the ball to lose momentum prematurely.

Consequently, what might seem like a 175-yard shot in theory could, in reality, translate into a 185-yard one, depending on the steepness of the slope. This underscores the importance of the slope function in providing golfers with an accurate assessment of the terrain, enabling them to make informed decisions about their club selection and hit their shots with greater precision.

How to activate slope function on a rangefinder

By default, most golf rangefinders have the slope mode turned off, and not all models are equipped with this feature. This is because the use of slope mode is prohibited in tournament play, but it is acceptable for recreational golfing.

Golf rangefinder with slope function


To activate the slope mode on your rangefinder, you will generally need to press a specific button on the unit's casing. For example, on the Mileseey PF1 golf rangefinder, a long press on the Mode button is all that's required to enable the slope function. You can easily verify if the slope mode is activated by checking for the slope icon displayed on the rangefinder.

Additionally, an indicator light will simultaneously turn on to illuminate and confirm the activation of the slope function. Some models, such as the Mileseey Golf PFS2, have an external compass with a red pointer that enables or disables the slope function by rotating the red pointer clock-wise or anti-clockwise.

PF1 golf rangefinder


The slope function of a golf rangefinder provides two yardages, which trains the golfer's eye for accurate club selection, especially for amateurs. It can also help golfers adjust their game to the course's conditions without relying on the slope function, improving their overall performance.

Are rangefinders with slope function legal on a tournament?

The use of rangefinders with slope function is generally not allowed in golf tournaments under the rules of golf. According to the United States Golf Association (USGA) and the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews (R&A), which govern the rules of golf, a player is not allowed to use any device or technology that provides information on the slope or gradient of the golf course during a round.

However, some golf tournaments may have local rules that allow for the use of rangefinders with slope function. In these cases, the local rules must be posted and communicated to all players prior to the start of the tournament. It's important for players to check with the tournament organizers and review the rules before using any rangefinder during a tournament.

Despite the fact that slope function is illegal in most golf tournaments, as I mentioned above, the slope function on a rangefinder helps golfers understand how inclines and declines on the golf course affect their yardages, trains their eye and helps them adjust their game accordingly.

By using the slope function, amateur golfers can make better club selections, reducing the chances of poor shots. Optical rangefinders with slope functions are more beneficial than using on-course yardage markers or GPS watches or apps as they provide a more comprehensive picture of the distance to the flag that do not help train their distance adjustment capabilities.

Best golf rangefinder with slope function for the money

As a self-proclaimed rangefinder aficionado, I've put almost every model out there to the test - from the sketchiest knock-offs to the top-of-the-line Bushnell rangefinders, Mileseey, Shotscope, and Beyond. After much trial and error, I settled on the Mileseey PFS2 golf rangefinder for a considerable period, and I have to say it was superb. The rangefinder boasts an elaborate design, complete with slope functionality, flag-lock and vibration alert. All things considered, it's a remarkable bang for your buck.

However, in my humble opinion, the most amazing golf rangefinder with slope on the market is undoubtedly the Mileseey Golf PF1. Not only is it impeccably crafted, with a sleek and highly waterproof housing, but it also locks onto target flag at lightning speed - if not faster - than the Bushnell models I've used in the past.

Plus, the slope readings it generates are incredibly precise due to the advanced slope adjustment algorithms based on big data from PGA and LPA pros. I'm even planning to take it with me to golf tournaments next year, as it's hands down one of the most accurate distance measuring devices I've come across. You should definitely check it out for yourself!

Best golf rangefinder with slope function for the money

Will a Rangefinder with Slope Improve My Score?

It's evident that disregarding the slope feature on a rangefinder can significantly impact your golf score, potentially leading to under or overhitting the ball. However, as you become more skilled in adjusting for slope, you should observe an improvement in your overall performance. In essence, playing without accounting for slope makes the game much more challenging.

The degree to which slope affects your game is contingent upon the amount of elevation change present in the course you're playing. On a relatively flat course, slope won't play a significant role. On the other hand, on hilly courses, failing to factor in the slope could prove disastrous, costing you a considerable number of strokes. Speaking from personal experience, as I play annually on a mountain course, attempting to gauge the slope without a rangefinder results in a ballooning score.

Final thoughts on slope function

While the use of a slope function on your device may seem like a helpful aid, it is important to note that most competitions do not allow it. Therefore, relying on this feature during a competition is not recommended. However, for beginners or for practice purposes, utilizing the slope function can be beneficial in developing an awareness of how incline or decline affects a shot, as well as training one's ability to adjust for distance.

The temptation to use such an advantageous feature may be alluring, but it is essential to follow the rules and regulations set forth by the competition. In doing so, one can ensure that they are competing fairly and upholding the integrity of the event. Nevertheless, for those who are new to the sport or seeking to improve their skills, incorporating the slope function during practice rounds can prove valuable.


unshakable confindence after using a golf rangefinder with slope


By utilizing the slope function during practice, players can gain a deeper understanding of the impact of incline and decline on their shots. Furthermore, it can assist in honing one's ability to make necessary adjustments based on the distance to the target. In this way, the slope function can serve as a valuable training tool for players at all skill levels. From this perspective, I’ll say it is definitely worth having a golf rangefinder with slope.