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About Us

Mileseey Golf stands as a premier worldwide supplier of golf rangefinders, drawing upon more than 15 years of experience and commitment in the industry. As a full spectrum technology company, Mileseey excels in a wide range of technologies from foundation driver, chip development, optoelectronic modules, AI algorithms, to user-layer applications, design. With a strong focus on desgin, R&D, manufacturing, sales and customer service, Mileseey delivers a premium selection of golf rangefinders distinguished by their exceptional features, establishing itself as a trusted brand among millions of users across more than 100 countries.

For over 15 years, Mileseey has maintained its position as the leading brand in high-performance golf rangefinders. As an innovative technology brand our core principle revolves around creating the finest products for individuals in the elite segment who prioritize a high-quality life experience and seek a high sense of value.


Our unwavering commitment to providing golfing enthusiasts with the best measuring instruments drives us to continually push the boundaries of cutting-edge technologies in optics, flag-locking, and durability, ensuring unparalleled precision in every game. With passion and enthusiasm, we strive to create masterpiece rangefinders that instill unrivaled confidence, allowing you to select the perfect club and hit your target with ease, even in challenging conditions.