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How to Choose the Best Golf Rangefinder for Beginner


When you start playing golf as a beginner, you are undoubtedly curious about the seemingly never-ending array of accessories and products available, many of which claim to improve your game. Even for experienced golfers, it can be hard to keep up with the latest trends in golf. You can easily spend hundreds of dollars trying to improve your game with the latest gadgets and tools, but some products are more likely to improve your game than others.

You may have heard about golf rangefinders, or seen a friend or fellow golfer use on, and wondered what they are. Or maybe you know you would like to buy one, you just don’t know where to start? Through this article we will help you through those questions, by letting you know what a golf rangefinder is, how to use it during play, and how to choose the best golf rangefinder. 

What is a golf rangefinder?

Golf rangefinders are small devices which are specially designed to allow golfers to estimate the distance between them and a target - typically a flagstick. Modern golf rangefinders either work through GPS measurements or emit a laser pulse towards a target, and measure how long it takes for the laser to hit the target and return back to the rangefinder. For laser devices, some clever calculations are then used by the device to convert this into the distance between you and the target.

Golf rangefinders can help improve your golf game by giving you an accurate estimation of the distance between your golf ball and the target. There can be nothing more frustrating in the game of golf than hitting a great golf shot, and seeing it either fly over the green or come up short. Using a golf rangefinder can help you choose the right club for your shot, helping you avoid taking incessant shots to chip the ball onto the green.

Today golf rangefinders are used by golfers across the world, including beginners, junior golfers, experienced amateurs and professional golfers.

How to use a golf rangefinder?

Using a golf rangefinder is surprisingly simple and takes just a matter of seconds. All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  • Grab your golf rangefinder, and turn the device on.
  • Stand over or near your golf ball, and point it towards your target - which is normally the flagstick.
  • The golf rangefinder will then calculate the distance between you and the target, and the device will show you the distance.
  • Turn off your device, ready for your next shot

When you are using a golf rangefinder to get an accurate reading it is important to make that you hold the rangefinder still and keep the device looking at the target - normally the flagstick. To help you, some golf rangefinders are designed to lock onto a target, which helps with accuracy.

How to choose the best golf rangefinder for beginners?

As golf rangefinders have become more popular in recent years, more and more rangefinders have become available on the market. As such it can be difficult to make sure you choose the right one, but there are a number of factors you should look for to make the best choice.


The whole point of having a golf rangefinder is it provides you with an accurate reading of the distance between you and your target. Therefore, when you are choosing a golf rangefinder, it is important that you look at the accuracy of the device. In addition to the official accuracy measurements provided by the manufacturer or retailer, you can also look at customers reviews of the product.

Slope Reading

Whether the target is uphill or downhill, even by just a few feet, can make a noticeable difference to how long or short the shot will play. If the target is uphill from where you are playing your shot, you may need to take a longer club to account for the difference in height. Alternatively, if the target is downhill from where you are playing your shot, you may need to take a shorter club. Golf rangefinders with slope readings take this into account, and provide an adjusted measurement of distance.

Using slope readings on your golf rangefinder is not allowed in competition. Therefore, if you want to use your golf rangefinder in a competition, you can either select a rangefinder which doesn’t have slope rating, or some rangefinders can turn on and off the slope readings.

The Display Screen

A user-friendly display screen can make your golf rangefinder experience much more enjoyable. Some display screens have a very minimalistic look, whereas others will provide you with a range of useful data.

Level of Magnification

Not all golf rangefinders use magnification, but magnification improves the accuracy of the measurements. When viewing golf rangefinders you should look for high levels of magnification, and manufacturers display this information on as x6 for example.

Stabilization / Scan Mode

When you are trying to concentrate on pointing your rangefinder at a target, it can sometimes be surprisingly difficult to keep your hand still. To help provide accurate readings, some golf rangefinders have a stabilization or scan mode, which stops shaky hands from affecting accurate measurements.

Site and Weight

Taking an overly heavy and chunky golf rangefinder out with you on the course can make things difficult. You might struggle to find space in your bag, or it can make it difficult to use.

Maximum and Minimum Range

A golf rangefinder will need to measure the distance between yourself and your target. For close distances such as 5 metres, this isn’t so important, as you are likely to be able to accurately measure it yourself, but for longer distances having a maximum range which is within the maximum distance you can hit a golf shot is an advantage.

Ease of use

Golf rangefinders can be an extremely useful bit of kit for beginners and experience golfers alike. However, no one wants a golf rangefinder that is difficult and fiddly to use. Rangefinders should be able to provide you the information you need with only a couple of clicks, and use customer reviews to check out how user-friendly rangefinders are.

Best Mileseey’s golf rangefinder for beginners

Milessey produce a range of award-winning innovate golf rangefinders that are suitable for beginners.

The Milessey Golf Scope Rangefinder PF3S is an excellent choice for beginners as it includes all of the features you need with a large external LCD display screen. The PF3S is one of the cheapest rangefinders in the Milessey range, so you could always start off with the PF3S before moving onto the more expensive and top of the range models from Milessey.

The Milessey Golf Scope Rangefinder PF3S has a range of helpful features including;

  • Pocket-size and easy to carry, including a CR2 lithium battery
  • External display showing distance, angle and other functions
  • Flag lock to lock the rangefinder on your target
  • Slope readings to provide an adjusted distance taking into account if the target is uphill or downhill
  • The ability to turn slope readings on and off - allowing you to use it in competition play
  • Pulse vibration to remind you that you are locked onto the target


Battery - CR2 (not rechargeable, but others in the Milessey range are)

Measuring unit - metres and yards

Range - 800m (875 yards)

Accuracy - +/- 0.5m

Angle accuracy - +/-1 degree

Magnification - x6

Dimension - 122*75*42mm

Weight (without battery) 260g


The PF3S makes an excellent choice for beginners as it is a lightweight and durable golf rangefinder which offers a range of excellent features at an affordable price. The range covers much further than you will ever need, and the PF3S offers excellent accuracy and design features which will help you get accurate results.


A golf rangefinder can help you get accurate measurements between your ball and your intended target. It can help improve your scores, by helping you select the right club for your shot. It can also avoid you having one of the most frustrating experiences in golf - hitting what looks like an excellent shot, only for it to fly over the green or land up well short.

Milessey produce a range of excellent and innovate golf rangefinders that can improve your golf scores. The range offers excellent value for money, alongside a brilliant array of design features. If you want to keep up to date with the latest news, tips and how-to’s and be the first to hear about exclusive deals and discounts from Milessey, sign up to the Milessey newsletter today.