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Mileseey's GenePro S1 Ignites PGA Show with Built-in AI Technology

In late January each year, the golf industry reunites together at the extravaganza—the PGA Show to share new product, technology and ideas at a four-day exhibition in Orlando, USA.

This year, in its 71st show, the event witnessed the meeting of almost 1,000 brands displaying the best and newest equipment, apparel and accessories from across the world, along nearly 10 miles of golf-laden aisles inside the Orange County Convention Center, all meant to enhance the consumer golf experience and escalate the business of golf.

Mileseey, an emerging leader in the golf rangefinder industry, always standing at the cutting-edge of laser measuring technology, surprised the world with a lineup of marvelous products that impressed in both forms and functions at the show.The golf rangefinder industry has been trapped in a bit of monopoly by giants who seems to have settled into a comfort zone, showing a deficit of dedication into product innovation and customer service.

It’s time for a change, and like many other thriving consumer electronic industries, golf rangefinder industry should see a prosperity of innovation, and if the current monopoly of giants is holding back industry progress, we are here to challenge the status quo, for the sake to the bring the best products than ever to our customers”, says Jore, the CEO of Mileseey technology when interviewed by the local press.

PGA show

This year, Mileseey introduced the groundbreaking product that epitomizes the pinnacle of golf rangefinder—the ElitPro S1, the world’s first AI- powered smart golf rangefinder. “The first breakthrough innovation of ElitPro S1 is the AI-driven auto mode switch”, said Dr Luo, the chief engineer at Mileseey. The feature automatically switches to Rain & Fog Mode or Sunshine Mode by detecting the weather change, with each mode using different algorithm to provide the most accurate distance.

“The Rain & Fog Mode, for example, leverages our patented SFEP(Signal Feature Extraction Processing) technology to overcome the interference of raindrops and provide the unrivalled accuracy on heavy rainy days”, Dr. Luo addressed. Visitors acclaimed it as an intelligent caddie, ready to handle any weather challenge on course.

Mileseey ElitPro S1 Golf Rangefinder

“The ElitPro S1 is also designed to redefine the golf rangefinder with industry-first Pinpoint Green™ Mode that revolutionizes the way you read your green”, says Jore. Players traditionally read the green using their feet, which usually results in inconsistent results.

Leveraging our cutting-edge short-range laser measuring technology, Pinpoint Green™ Mode allows players to accurately measure the straight line distance plus slope degrees from the ball to the hole, with unprecedented centimeter-level accuracy.

“not just the ball-to-hole distance and slope, but the distance and slope from the ball to any point on the green”, says Wong, the product manager at Mileseey. The collective data acquired by Pinpoint Green™ Mode provides in-depth insights into the undulation of the green from which you can accurately find your putting aim, how much and in which direction you should break to the hole, changing the way of green reading and taking your putting precision to another level.

“More than the revolutionary features, we’ve made big improvements to the range, accuracy, flag-lock technology, and optical performance, ensuring they all claim the top in the industry”, said Jore.

He took an example of optical performance where he proudly addressed that Mileseey is the only brand on the market that pushed the boundary of both Field of View and Magnification to the limit, up to 7.5° and 7X magnification. “These two optical aspects are inversely related, which means a higher FOV leads to lower magnification, and vice versa, so it takes extremely meticulous engineering techniques to balance and enhanced both aspects”, Jore explained.

Mileseey showcased a portfolio of 6 variants of golf rangefinders—PF260, GPF12, PF1, PFS2, PF Nano, and ElitPro S1 on the show, each featuring distinctive attribute that sets it apart within Mileseey’s golf rangefinder product line.

The Mileseey PF1, for example, stands apart with exceptional portability and stylish design, capturing great amount of attention of female professionals, coaches and golf academy students. “I really like it not only because of its excellent functionality, but the femininity it expresses; I think it has a more attractive look to girls than any models available on the market”, said Ashley, a female Athlete from Harney Ray Golf Academy.

“Mileseey has over 18 years’ expertise and perseverance in laser measurement. And leveraging our great advantage in laser measurement technology, our team are dedicated to manufacturing products with exceptional professionalism and innovation”, Jore addressed. “and Mileseey is a full-spectrum company, with technologies from chipset development and AI algorithms to micro-signal processing and user-layer applications. This allows us to have strong in-house capabilities that ensure our products reach the highest standard of quality”, Jore added.

On the evening of 25th, Mileseey hosted a special “after-party” event where the revolutionary ElitPro S1 is officially released, drawing the interest of a large crowd of esteemed guests who attended the event to witness this significant moment.

PGA show after-party

The event marks the breaking of boundaries of golf rangefinder innovation. Professional golfers, influential figures in golf, buyers, coaches, golf students, golf media members gathered together, all united in an appreciation for the spirit and commitment in pushing golf innovation at Mileseey, and celebrated the launch of the revolutionary product that means a significant leap forward in the golf rangefinder industry.

In wrapping up the event, Jore noted the aim of his company—“We are not aiming to replace those giants, and then settle in the comfort zone; we strive to be a unique brand that our customers can feel deeply connected to, creating a nation filled with a stamina of continuous innovation”. This highlights Mileseey’s position, that is, unrivalled professionalism, innovation, and expertise.